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Happy Hacking With Teensy

I've been enjoying my Ergodox for quite some time now, mostly due to its comfortable layout and split hand design. One of the features I have not fully explored is the programmability of the Teensy 2.0 microcontroler that drives the keyboard. While I have my own layout and a few layers, I haven't dived into the capabilities this flexibility offers.

The Ergodox is primarily a work keyboard, but at home I switch between a Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2, or HHKB and a Filco Majestouch with Cherry...

Google Music and Apple Lossless

From the start, I've had some trouble managing my music collection between Apple's ecosystem and Google's ecosystem. The initial version of Google's Music Manager (used to upload songs from iTunes to Google Play Music) did not support ALAC, though it did support FLAC. However, save for some plugins that often have issues, iTunes doesn't support FLAC.

The easiest solution at the time seemed to be converting all my FLAC media to ALAC, hosting it on iTunes, and hoping one day Google Music Manager...

So Nice!

I'd visited Seattle before as part of a larger group among whom decision-making is often ceded to the more "responsible" members of the party. The primary concern of "what to do" included "what to drink," "what to eat," and "which landmarks should we see." I certainly enjoyed that experience, but with a much smaller group I spent some more time idly exploring downtown Seattle.

One thing that surprised me was the apparent friendliness of people in Seattle. People on the train were happy to point...


On a recent vacation to Japan, I found myself frustrated by the poor performance of my 4th generation iPod Touch which I had decided to take with me in lieu of my phone or any other iDevice. At the time, I found the ability to do anything basic, even type, painfully difficult as the device struggles on iOS 6.1.6 with its paltry 800 Mhz processor and 256 MB of RAM. In retrospect, it may behoove those that rely on technology in their day-to-day to take only the most basic (and perhaps even poorly...

Y U no work, Nintendo?

I’d chalked up the hate storm against the Wii U as the typical reaction from the Call-of-Duty types that seem to pervade gaming these days, with their graphically superior next generation consoles and their foul temperaments that seemed inextricably linked. In my own attempts to reconnect with my latent hobby, I found it difficult to become interested in the graphical prowess of the Vita, the sprawling RPGs of the PS3, or the kinetic shooters of the Xbox 360.

Then I found Nintendo drawing me...



Better quality music from my car stereo system



I've stumbled across the tune2air WMA3000, a professional implementation of parts of Option 1 below. I've just started using it, but it does read my playlists and radio stations from the Music app and present them in the interface as expected. When content is playing from Google Music or Spotify, it shows the currently playing title (though only if you exit from the Entertainment screen and return). Quality also seems...