A Good Deed

Some years ago several friends of mine and I plotted a trip through Hong Kong, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo over a period of several weeks. The Miserly Iron Fist, as he was known, took command of arranging accommodations, finding the most affordable options on our route.

A Bag Mod or Two

Personalization isn’t really my thing most of the time. I don’t prefer to litter my laptop with numerous stickers pilfered from events and conferences or adorning my bags with pins. But give me a practical, functional modification, perhaps with some possibility of reversal, and I’m listening with rapt attention.

Beauty In The Sky

I took this photo at sunset on an island off the coast of Bali. K walked out about ten minutes before the sun set and quietly stood, watching it sink towards the horizon. Not wanting to disturb her reverie, I stood back and framed a number of photos like this one, playing with the darkening silhouettes of a cliff to my left and the small island to my right, trying to frame her, her reflection on the wet sand, and the sunset in the sky in just the right proportions, just the right light, just the right colors. This photo is my favorite.