Katana Sifr

Have you seen the first John Wick movie? For a film that’s the co-directorial debut of a stunt coordinator/stuntman, it’s got what it needs: style, flash, and enough framing from which to hang a story. It’s fun, has relatable key points in the main character’s tragic losses, and mostly exists as an excuse to let Keanu Reeves hit people, to which I do not object.

Robin Buss' The Count of Monte Cristo

Robin Buss’ translation of The Count of Monte Cristo opens with this quote:

‘Ah, a children’s novel,’ a Russian film-maker remarked when I told her that I was translating The Count of Monte Cristo. The comment was not intended to be disparaging, merely descriptive; and many people, in different cultures, would tend to agree with the categorization.


On the fifth floor of the Soda Hall building on UC Berekley’s campus, there was a printer. This printer appeared like many of its siblings: a hefty beige cuboid emblazoned with the “HP” logo, stacks of empty paper under its foundation eagerly waiting to be snatched up by rollers. But this printer was different from the others.

This printer had a name. More accurately, it had an address which anyone in the world with an internet connection could access. You could connect to print510.cs.berkeley.edu and you, dear reader, could print to your heart’s content from anywhere.

Link's Nightmare

I have an odd experience with the Legend of Zelda series. I appreciate the odd numbered ones more so than the even numbered ones when taken in release order. Amusingly, the opposite is true of Star Trek movies; I prefer the even numbered ones.

Destructive Interference

The Problem

I’ve spent the last year or so trying to figure out why it was my 2018 Mac Mini would not unlock with my Apple Watch. While seemingly unrelated, I also attempted to discover why my wireless trackpad had such difficulty maintaining a good connection to my Mini.